our story

SRS melds community, arts, bodywork and research to engage in life tools that explore ways for more creative, meaningful and ethical living now and to inform the re-imagining of our future


SRS seeks to provide people with knowledge, skills, perspectives and strategies to live more ethically and to pro-actively contribute to building the social fabric. Emphasising knowledge of collective methods and skills in collaboration, the offerings help to develop creativity, critical and mindful thinking, holistic health practices, and cultivate awareness in the interconnection between personal conditions and social justice, ecological, energy and international politics. read more in OUR MISSION

SRS runs programs that aim to encourage human to human contact by delivering meaningful pathways to engaging in society through workshops, talks, panel discussions, film, creative projects. SRS works across age groups to engage people in an inter-generational way and also tailors projects to specific groups. See more in CLASSES and WORKSHOPS

SRS was founded by Adam Broinowski and Emma Strapps born from their concern for the future and ways to continue to use and develop their accumulated knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to a creative, compassionate and thoughtful world. See more about us in OUR PEOPLE


If you're keen to know more or would like to stay in touch please drop us a line.