SRS designs a range of classes, talks and lecture series aligning to the SRS mission statement and catering to specific community needs. If you would like to learn more or are interested in participating in SRS classes, please contact us.

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slow dance   :  moving meditation 

As part of their mandate to devise opportunities for their community to participate/activate creative living, Social Repair Service founders, Emma Strapps and Adam Broinowski, facilitate an inclusive moving meditation practice. slow dance: moving meditation sessions incorporate structured warm up, breath, moving meditation and somatic investigations/improvisation to invigorate the energetic body and deepen our somatic awareness. No experience necessary however, a curiosity to explore an imaginative and reflective space is a bonus!


Open… risk… transcend… ask what defines your ‘body’ and ‘self’; deepen your somatic awareness; experience unspoken rhythms when cells collide, explode, ignite; what traces remain as we move communally through space?

We welcome all ages to this practice and can accommodate for a range of limitations.

​Children are welcome to attend as participant or witness but parents remain responsible for their own children’s needs.

Saturdays monthly on last Saturday of month @ 5 - 7pm (recommencing 31 August 2019)

$20 per session ​at the door/booking appreciated via email

illeso studio, 68 Bandjalong Cres, Aranda

Enter via glass door into gift shop ‘Meet Gather Collect’