choreography - Emma Strapps

performance and installation - Emma Strapps

sound - Olivia Bryant

lighting - Paula Van Beek

2011 VCA

Instilled attempts to engage you in a sensorial space with the performer and the space we inhabit together.


The performance derives from a process of asking ‘bodily’ questions framed in the knowledge of holistic understanding, namely from my experience as a Shiatsu practitioner and how this connects to and sits inside my contemporary dance practice.

Shiatsu is about moving the ki-energy of (an Other) through touch. Dance is about touching (an Other) through moving ki-energy.


Working from the notion that the surface [of the body] represents deeper states of experience, intentions and interconnections that construct who we are, instilled taps into a deeper bodily experience to consider what shapes the notion of body as constructed self and how this is influenced by the world around us. The work is a journey.

Unraveling threads: revealing body through dance 2018