Don’t understand whats happening to the world? Consuming out of habit or boredom? Do you know what truly brings you pleasure or excites you? What do you savor most? Where do you find contentment? Compassion? ... How can you live in the moment? ...

Artistic statement

SRS is about cracking open creative opportunity for social cohesion. Our work falls under four categories: creative performance projects, workshops & lectures, research and creative consultation.

We are concerned with living artistic practices that bring together communities of real people from different social and cultural backgrounds to generate and communicate perspectives on important issues that affect humanity in all of its diverse composition. This is in recognition of the social importance of art in its ability to extend and step beyond real conditions to bring alternative perspectives to the way we think about and live in the world and its immediate material conditions.

We believe this is an approach that is fundamentally democratic and remains true to the purpose of great artistic work.

While we are constantly engaged in informing ourselves through the empirical world of scholarly, empirical and journalistic worlds of research that studies, categorises and reports on the world as it is, we are also continuing the potential in artistic thought/expression which imagines speculative worlds - the way it could be, whether utopian, dystopian or otherwise.


Our intention is to open up artistic work for discussion with audiences in a mutual learning process. As artists we have as much to learn, if not more, from the public than the audience does of us as artists.


We devise critical approaches to issues - changing climates and natural disasters, social inequality and discrimination, democratic processes and practices, bodies and consumption, peace and conflict, memory and trauma - drawing attention to what ideas and feelings are generated from experiencing it and, therefore, the social repair work of the artist.


Human, Embodied, Balanced, Equilibrium, Creative, Imagination, Grassroots, Interdisciplinary, Alternative and blended learning, Social Ecology, Responsibility, Re-visioning, Future thinking, Interdisciplinary and blended learning, Reading Body History, Emotional intelligence, Environmental retreats and immersions, Commons, Ways of seeing, Ways of being, Ways of knowing.