Vivisection Vision: animal reflections

Performance and direction Adam Broinowski

Tokyo 2004, Sydney 2008

Vivisection Vision is a 50 minute solo performance.

A room of night-vision green. A figure in a fake fur blue suit with a mangled face caked in dirt, moves quietly across the space like a ghost. Taking off the mask reveals another mask pulled tightly over its eyes and nose. It cannot see. A camera is in its mouth. It walks to the edge of the stage, and falls off. It is stopped by two lengths of wire, one vertical, one horizontal spanning the theatre between the audience and the stage. It withdraws to the stage again, where it slips, and thrashes on the floor, as if trapped. Quietening, it unplugs and extracts the camera from its mouth, peels the blind from its head, to see for the first time. The body exits.

Below is a link to an extensive article written by Adam: