What is creativity and how do I find my passion?

This is a workshop tailored to different demographic groups depending on their specific needs.

Typically, this is a half to one day event with input from the SRS team and other invited artists.

We explore what creativity is, what the evidence for its many benefits are and, most importantly, exposure to a wide range of creative practices to explore and experience. There is room to extend this workshop over several weeks if preferred.

We currently have a program running for seniors and we invite them also to participate in our 'little people, big ideas' live performance project.

Please contact Emma for more information.

2019 program dates coming soon.

Cool n Calm: shiatsu, yoga and meditation in primary schools

This is an accessible program for primary school aged students to support learning empathy and compassion as well as body awareness and breathing tools to develop calm, happy and alert children.

Now taking expressions of interest. Please contact Emma for more information.

Little people, big ideas intergenerational live performance project

This is a workshop based holiday program designed for primary school aged children to engage in the theatrical process of making a show. The children will be guided in how to devise, workshop and even perform their work in a week long process, just like in the theatre. The themes of the show will be chosen from a list of 'hot topic' ideas and the possibilities of raising awareness and creating solutions. For example, environmental issues such as extinction, climate change, recycling, value of food and water; human connection- loneliness, bullying, relating to others; technology and the future

For expressions of interest, please get in touch with Emma.

Embodied Resonance

This workshop develops embodied awareness and practical methods for releasing localised pain, tension and stress by identifying and moving through meridians and from specific sites of pain. This series of 6 sessions incorporates elements of Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, anatomy & physiology, yoga, dance and meditation.


Now taking expressions of interest.

Please contact Emma for more information.

Theatre and movement workshops

SRS can provide tailored workshops to suit a wide variety of community needs utilising creative and performance skills, critical thinking and breathing tools to extend and develop confidence, creativity, empathy, focus, motor skills, positive behavioural development and healing, among many other benefits.

Please contact SRS for more information on how we can bring this valuable inspiration to your organisation.

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